Hi there! I’m Jenni and I’m a social media manager. I can help you with social media strategy and targeted Facebook & Instagram Ads.

My Planet B mission!

My name was inspired by the well known ecological saying ‘There is no Planet B’. While this is true, I believe there is ‘Planet B thinking’ which for me sums up an alternative way of living and a better way to do business.

I want to support brands and organisations that have an ethical, eco-friendly or ‘heart-centred’ approach. Those that believe beauty & style do not have to be at the expense of the people, plants or animals of our planet. Businesses that give back, via their profits, being driven by a vision, or simply by pouring love into what they do.

Planet B also relates to the experience of working with me, I do things a little differently. There are a million social media ‘rules’ out there. Instead, I look for your unique stories and we figure how to communicate them in a way that works for you.

Jenni Page of Chilli Social


Prior to becoming a social media manager, I spent over 18 years working in the Music & Entertainment industry promoting music Artists & bands to TV as one half of Chilli PR Ltd. My clients included Island records, Sony Entertainment, Ministry of Sound and Universal Music (as well as countless indie record labels). Many incredible musical TV moments were pitched for, creatively managed and enjoyed.

The music industry is always an early adopter of digital trends, so it’s no surprise this is where I discovered the incredible potential of social media. In 2015 I studied strategic social media management with the award-winning Digital Mums and began my journey as a social media manager.

A little about me:

I live in a beautiful Kentish seaside town, which inspires me every day with its creative & entrepreneurial spirit. It also lets me indulge my love of photography with an ever-changing seascape to try and capture. I still turn the radio up loud and sing along. I love to run, swim in the sea, and one (one day!) I vow to become good at yoga.

Get in touch for a chat – contacts page, visit the testimonials page and check out Planet B’s services for ways we can work together.