Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Can an ethical, eco-friendly brand use Facebook & Instagram advertising? Absolutely! You want to get your message and product to more people right? Facebook and Instagram offer some of the best targeting & retargeting capabilities in the world, and has the advantage of being flexible and fluid in terms of budget. So they are perfectly placed to help you in your mission.

What do I promise?

I am a trained Facebook & Instagram Ad strategist. This means I don’t just set up generic Ads for you. Together we look at your business model, customer, e-commerce platform & overall marketing strategy & I then design bespoke campaigns that will convert existing and new customers. These can be ongoing, or based around specific time of year.

I promise to communicate your brand & message authentically. To constantly monitor campaigns and re-strategise if necessary, and to keep you up to date with results. And to spend your budget wisely, as if it were my own.

What do I not promise?

To immediately get you a high return. This is completely possible – I have consistently achieved high ROAS for my clients. But depending on the product, pricing & positioning it can take a period of testing before financial results start to roll in.

What advertising budget is needed?

There’s no set rule, but as a guideline you need a minimum of £600 a month (to allow for testing of 2 x audiences at any one time), and £750 to be able to run very simple retargeting.

A higher budget (1,000 – £1500) will help us find out key information more quickly, so it’s worth investing at the start, and later it gives options to scale campaigns that have a good ROAS.

Let’s talk!

The next step is to book in for a free discovery call and I can talk you through more detail, as well as making sure I think Facebook advertising is right for you.

Fee’s for Facebook & Instagram advertising strategy and management are £750 a month and we work together for an initial 3 months before looking to renew.

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